About Us

Deep Social Experience

A 13-year record of social network successess

Our Plugins

Over the course of several years, we’ve gained a lot of experience building communities for the largest companies on earth. We’re now bringing that experience to the SocialEngine community. Check out our store and stay tuned for more high quality plugins.

We’ve been driving innovation and defining best practices in online communities since 1998, when we produced an early prototype social network for OurFamilyOnline.

A wide variety of customers — ranging from Apple Inc. to GrooveRiver.com — are the direct beneficiaries of our deep experience, creative capacity, and consistent ability innovate around business needs.

We call upon a talented team of business analysts, designers, animators, sound engineers, photographers, and coders to generate end-to-end solutions that exceed expectations and drive brand loyalty through shared community experience.

The Era of Niche Networks Is Upon Us