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Member Map for SE4

Member Map module for SE4


Add a variety of member maps to your site, including searchable member maps, profile maps, friends maps, and more!

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Where are your members located? I’ll be you (and more importantly, your members) want to know!

Member Map provides easy-to-use, flexible memberĀ mapping capability so your members can visualize where everyone else is located! Ties a Google Map to member searches and more.

Maps Types

Member Map provides five types of maps:

Search Map

Provide your members the ability to filter using profile fields, and show the results on the map!

Who’s Online Map

Plot all online users on a map, a unique way to illustrate community interaction.

Level Map

Limit which members are mapped, based on user levels. This is handy if you don’t want to include certain levels, like admins, in the map.

Friends Map

Create a map showing a member’s friends

Profile Map

Place a map that shows a member’s location on his/her profile.

What Makes Member Map Different

Member Map is thoughtfully designed from the ground up with the following important considerations:


Each member’s geo coordinates are stored locally, dramatically increasing performance of the module.

Maintain Control

Fine-grained controls over:

  • which profile fields are used to plot map pins
  • the number of members to show on a single map before pagination occurs
  • member privacy, by controlling whether pins are placed on the city or actual address
  • map pin markers, including support for custom pin uploads, use profile thumbnail images, and Google’s default marker pin
  • which profile fields to show on map balloon
  • which member levels can view Member Maps
  • the style of Google Map to use (Standard, Terrain, or Satellite)*
  • the height of maps

Layout Manager Enabled

Place maps on any page in Layout Manager. Support for tabs, and control over individual map height.

Easy to Theme

Member Map has its own CSS file, easily modified to fit your theme. Additionally, map width is sized automatically to the width of the column in which it’s placed.

Easy to Use

Member Map has a single configuration page for admin. It’s simple to get started. Just create address fields in you main profile type for your members, then choose them in Member Map’s Global Settings, and presto, your members are mapped! Note: At this time, only one profile type is supported.


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* coming soon